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Ookla: PH's Global Mobile internet rank keeps on getting higher, now at number 72! (July 2021)

The latest data from independent internet speed testing site Ookla showed that the Philippines continues to climb in the global Mobile speed rankings.
Ookla: PH's Global Mobile internet rank keeps on getting higher, now at number 72! (July 2021)
File photo: Smart 5G Speedtest using the realme 8 5G

PH's Global Mobile internet rank increased again!

PH rank in July
PH rank in July

Compared to the 75th spot globally for Mobile in June, the Philippines saw a rank increase of 3 spots in July.

In particular, the Philippines is now rank number 72 globally for Mobile with an average download speed of 33.69 percent and an upload speed of 8.83 percent.

This is still below the Global Average of 55.07 Mbps and for Download and 12.35 Mbps for Upload, but this new Mobile rank made the Philippines leapfrog the likes of Brazil, Malaysia, Russia, and Indonesia, among others in the global Mobile speed rankings.

This is also the 12 consecutive months that the country has show improvements in average download speeds. To recap, just in November 2020 last year, PH rank is 110 out of 139 countries.

For Fixed Broadband, we saw a slight decrease of 1 spot from 62 in June to 63 in July. This happened despite the Download and Upload speed increase from 66.55 Mbps (Download) to 66.86 Mbps (Upload) in June to 71.17 Mbps (Download) and 71.22 Mbps (Upload) in July.

The Global Average for Fixed Broadband is 107.50 Mbps for Download and 58.27 Mbps for Upload.

The country's internet rank improvements could likely be attributed to the recent network upgrades, infrastructure development, common tower initiatives, entry of the third telco DITO, and the implementation of the Ease of Doing Business Act of 2018 with an aim to cut red tape hounding tower deployments.

Source: Ookla

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