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Xiaomi ends the use of "Mi" branding

A few weeks back, Xiaomi released the MIX 4. Interestingly, it isn't using the "Mi" branding anymore. Apparently, the company won't be using it moving forward.
No more Mi?

The end of "Mi"

No more "Mi" branding on the MIX 4

In a statement issued to XDA-Developers, Xiaomi confirmed that the company won't be using the "Mi" branding going forward. This means that the company will be using the "Xiaomi" branding on its future smartphones and other devices.

For example, the assumed upcoming Xiaomi Mi 12 will be called Xiaomi 12.

In China, XDA reported that the company has already several products without the Mi branding.

To recap, Xiaomi has been using the Mi branding since the Mi 1 and it is even present on its tablets, wearables, laptops, and more. It means "Mobile Internet" and "Mission Impossible" according to Xiaomi CEO and founder Lei Jun.

Xiaomi hasn't shared the exact reason behind this. But likely, it has something to do with brand synergy. Xiaomi probably wants people to remember "Xiaomi" more now than "Mi" and avoid confusion.

In June, Xiaomi marched into the number 1 spot globally for the first time ever by beating Samsung. The Chinese tech giant probably wants to continue that hot streak and this branding update might help in that case.

What do you guys think?

Source: XDA, Via: Android Authority

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