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DJI just unveiled OM 5, a smartphone stabilizer that doubles up as a selfie stick

DJI OM5 is launched in the United States as a smartphone stabilizer packed with several features.
DJI just unveiled OM 5, a smartphone stabilizer that doubles up as a selfie stick
DJI OM 5 in Sunset White

A more compact stabilizer with a three-axis mechanical gimbal

DJI is highly recognized for its drones but they also have a line of smartphone accessories including gimbals and tripods. The company announced last year that its smartphone-focused Osmo line was being rebranded to the simpler OM.

Under this lineup, DJI introduced the OM5, the next-generation version of its handheld gimbal for smartphones. Compared to its predecessor, this smartphone stabilizer is one-third smaller and also sports an extension rod.  It comes in two colors, Athens Gray and Sunset White.

The OM 5 has a clamp that attaches to the side of the phone and then magnetically connects to the gimbal. There's also an option to use it with the Fill Light Phone Clamp, which features two strips of LED lights with brightness and color temperature settings.

The DJI OM 5 features a 3-axis mechanical gimbal, which physically moves to counteract the movement of the camera. It allegedly results in a naturally smooth motion that pure electronic stabilization cannot offer.

Since it has an extension rod, this lets the gimbal act as a selfie stick or extend the reach of the camera for very low or high shots. According to the source, OM 5 combines this hardware with the DJI Mimo app to achieve the rest of the functionality. The DJI Mimo app lets users capture videos and images and provides a wide range of features and functionality.

Another feature of this gimbal is the new ActiveTrack 4.0. Allegedly, it will track a subject once it was marked on the screen, even it moves around the frame. As a result, the focus on it remains stable. 

Meanwhile, the Gesture Control feature in OM 5 enables users to take photos and videos of themselves using hand gestures so no need for a self-timer. 

As for the ShotGuides, it allows the device to recognize the user's environments and recommends helpful shooting tips and creative templates. It will project templates on the frame so he/she can easily replicate them. All of the takes are combined to turn them into a processed video, complete with a theme and soundtrack already.

Lastly, this stabilizer is equipped with DynamicZoom which recreates the dolly zoom look, timelapse, motion lapse, and hyper-lapse modes, panoramas, spin shot, story mode templates, and glamor effects.

US price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

 DJI OM 5 - USD 159 (or around PHP 7.9K)

The OM 5 is available for purchase today in the US via its official website. It includes a magnetic clamp, tripod, power cable, wrist strap, and storage pouch. No details yet if DJI will launch it in other countries.

Source: DJI
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