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Motorola teases Air-Charging Technology that recharges up to 4 devices, 10 feet away!

Through a short teaser, Motorola is showing off new technology that promises to wirelessly recharge a smartphone up to 10 feet away through the air.
Motorola Air-Charging Technology recharges up to 4 devices, 10 feet away!
Screen capture from the teaser video of Motorola

Over-the-air wireless charging from Motorola may be coming out soon

In January this year, the Lenovo-owned brand introduced its own true wireless charging technology. The "Motorola One Hyper" means it does not need physical contact between the phone and the charger. 

Several months after that, Motorola is introducing the improved version of this technology. The company also renamed it "Motorola Air Charging". According to the source, this is already a complete working prototype as opposed to the Xiaomi Mi Air Charge concept.

The official announcement on Weibo said that the Motorola Air Charging technology can charge up to 4 devices at the same time. It also works within a range of 3 meters and 100-degree angle wide coverage.

It means users don’t have to place the device directly in front of the charger to receive some juice. The device can also be placed at an angle. 

Moreover, this charging solution uses 1600 antennas that scan regularly for devices within the range. The company claims that it can perform stable charging with the help of an independent chipset, and algorithm, and this network set-up.

The company uploaded a demo of the technology recently in a brief 30-second video. The wireless charger seems like a large WiFi modem. When an applicable phone is nearby, it can automatically detect the device and begin feeding it power, without relying on a charging cable or even a charging pad. 

Motorola explains that the solution works through paper, leather, and similar objects. But for safety, the charging automatically stops when a human presence is detected via 'biological monitoring technology'.

On a post on Weibo, Digital Chat Station claims Motorola’s Space Charging tops out at 5W but there's no confirmation yet from the brand.

Allegedly, one of the Lenovo officials hinted that Motorola Air Charging is almost ready to hit the market. However, there's no official date of release yet so we have to wait for the announcement.

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