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Xiaomi launches Mi Air Charge Technology—a true wireless charging solution

On Twitter, Xiaomi today announced the Mi Air Charge Technology.
Xiaomi launches Mi Air Charge Technology—a true wireless charging solution
Mi Air Charge Technology

Long-distance wireless charging!

According to the company, this tech can wirelessly charge multiple devices at the same time without the need for cables and wireless charging stands or pads. This type of remote charging will allow its users to charge while gaming, walking around, and even when something's in the way.

Xiaomi hasn't shared many details about this new technology.
A remote charging tech
A remote charging tech

But according to Xiaomi founder Lei Jun, this was achieved using Xiaomi's self-developed air-space charging pile with 5 phase interference antennas which can position the mobile phone in millisecond space and accurately detect the position of the mobile phone. It has a phase control array composed of 144 antennas that can transmit millimeter waves through beamforming.

Using a micro beacon antenna, 5 watts of long-distance charging within a few meters will be possible to mobile phones.

He added that Xiaomi owns 17 technical patents for the entire self-developed system.

Xiaomi said that this air-to-air charging tech will charge smartwatches, bracelets, and other wearables in the air. In the future, Xiaomi plans to use this tech to charge speakers, desk lamps, and other small smart home products to enable a truly wireless living room.

There's no info on when will this tech be available to the mass market.

Sources: Xiaomi, Lei Jun

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