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Everything that happened on BIGO LIVE Philippines Annual Awards Gala 2021

Before everyone went busy on Christmas and New Year, BIGO LIVE held its first Philippines Annual Awards Gala on December 23, 2021.
Everything that happened on BIGO LIVE Philippines Annual Awards Gala 2021

First virtual awards gala!

The first local awards gala was made possible last December that allowed BIGO Live hosts and users alike to simultaneously stream and interact with each other through a series of activities and performances.

BIGO LIVE awards major categories:

  1. The Host Awards - a category recognizing BIGO Live hosts who have made significant achievements during the year.
  2. The Agency Awards - a category that recognizes BIGO Live partners who have successfully scouted for talent and brought them onboard BIGO Live.
  3. The Family Awards - this commend groups created within the BIGO Live community that support and aid each other during player knock-out challenges.

We are excited to host the first BIGO Live Philippines Annual Awards Gala in recognition of Filipino talent and creativity. The country's top BIGO Live hosts are gathered to showcase their talent through a series of curated performances during the event. Through this platform, we believe we are helping these talented content creators shape a community or a universe that's inclusive, relevant, and empowering. This is also our way of acknowledging Filipino resilience and providing hope and happiness during these trying times, said Mike Ong, Vice President, BIGO Live.

The event also featured live performances by top hosts. BIGO LIVE also launched its latest innovation 3D Avatars that allow users to extend their creativity during live streams.
Virtual Live
Virtual Live

It also allows users to create a representation of themselves, combining the best of both their digital and physical selves. Virtual Live is a part of Bigo Live's ongoing commitment to building a holistic Metaverse experience for its 400 million users across 150 countries.

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