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Foodpanda Philippines: 100 percent of the tip goes to the rider

Recently, there are claims on Facebook stating that food delivery platform Foodpanda is not entirely remitting tips that went through its system. As expected, it drew flak from angry Filipino netizens again—the second time that the company is under fire early this year.
Foodpanda Philippines: 100 percent of the tip goes to the rider
Foodpanda riders

100 percent of the tip goes to the riders?

But according to the recent press statement from the company, 100 percent of the tip goes to the rider. This is applicable for the tip made by customers before checking out who purchased food on the platform using online payment options (credit card or e-wallet).
According to Foodpanda
According to Foodpanda

Foodpanda said that this is its way to allow customers to say "thank you" to the riders who they are calling modern-day heroes working day and night to deliver meals quickly and safely to our doorsteps.

The company added that this is one of its ways to show gratitude to its riders and give its customers the opportunity to show some love.

This service was first introduced last December 2021 and the company said that this feature is here to say.

For users of leading online food delivery platform foodpanda, the perfect way of saying thanks kuya/ate rider is now available on their app: rider tipping! Customers can now easily tip any amount to their riders when they order from foodpanda via credit card or e-wallet.

Our  Ka-Panda riders are at the heart of foodpanda's service, and they are the ones that our customers interact with the most, Marogy noted. We want to give our customers a convenient way to tip their riders even through cashless transactions, and we likewise want to make it easy for our hardworking riders to receive these tokens.

We are hoping that this press release from Foodpanda is accurate and the recent viral post surrounding its tipping process is not true.

What do you guys think?

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