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Globe intros Super Go promos, price starts at PHP 50 with 6GB open data for 3 days!

At the GCash app, we recently spotted a new "limited time" offer of Globe, the Super Go promos.
Not bad!

Boosted Globe Go promos?

Super Go is like the boosted version of the current Go promos with up to 2GB extra open data.
More data for the heavy users!
More data for the heavy users!

For example, Go50 has 5GB of open data for 3 days, Super Go60 comes with 6GB of data. Go90 has 8GB open data, Super Go90 comes with 10GB of open data for all sites.

What's missing is the extra 1GB of GoWiFi. But, that could be okay for a lot of users as not all of its subscribers have access to GoWiFi sites and most are currently staying at home anyway.

Globe Super Go promos:

Super Go50 - 6GB open data + unli allnet texts for 3 days
Super Go90 - 10GB open data + unli allnet texts for 7 days

How to register for Super Go promos?

1. Download GCash on your Android or iOS device.
2. Sign in to your account or register an account then sign in.
3. Press "Buy load" and select Globe and enter your mobile number.
4. Select the "LIMITED TIME OFFER!" tab.
5. Choose the promo of your choice.

There is no word yet on when will this promo be available in the app and if there will be higher-end variants of the promo.

Stay tuned for more info.

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