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CES 2022: Razer Enki Pro HyperSense gaming Chair with Haptics unveiled!

Razer has unveiled its vision for the future of gaming and home computing with Project Sofia and Enki Pro HyperSense.
CES 2022: Razer Enki Pro HyperSense gaming Chair with Haptics unveiled!
Razer Enki Pro HyperSense

Is this the future of gaming chairs?

Razer collaborates with D-Box to expand its line of gaming chairs. The new Enki Pro HyperSense gaming chair can vibrate and wobble to the action happening in the user's games and movies.

The new chair houses a haptic engine near the wheels that is advertised to deliver jolts of haptic feedback through the chair. The Enki Pro HyperSense also tilts backward or lifts the user vertically by 1.5 inches with around 1G of force. This all happens with up to 5ms response time.

If all of this sounds suspiciously familiar, the Enki Pro HyperSense uses D-Box's movie theatre seats that can rumble and move. The one key difference is that the Enki Pro HyperSense is on wheels while D-Box's movie seats are fixed to the floor.

Razer claims that the Enki Pro HyperSense is natively compatible with up to 2,200 games, movies, and music tracks. In reality, Razer only shared Forza Horizon 5, Assassin'sCreed Valhalla, and F1 2021 as examples. Razer is merely quoting the games listed on D-Box's page of compatible games.

There is no word yet on when it will be on sale nor is there information on pricing.

What do you guys think?

Source: Razer, Via: TheVerge

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