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Ben&Ben teases a catchy tune for a new song in partnership with Google PH!

Ben&Ben just shared exciting news for their fans, revealing that they are working on a song for the search giant Google.
Ben&Ben teases a catchy tune for a new song in partnership with Google PH!
Screenshot from Ben&Ben's official Instagram account

An OPM band having an advocacy collaboration with Google 

At this point, who doesn’t know Ben&Ben? Whether you're a member of their dedicated fandom or just a casual listener, chances are you will have heard at least one of their songs.

The nine-member group released their much-awaited sophomore album Pebble House, Vol. 1: Kuwaderno in August last year. They have also invited a number of heavy-hitting collaborators to feature on some of the tracks – Chito Miranda, KZ Tandingan, and SB19, to name a few.

This time, the OPM band uploaded a video of them creating an LSS-worthy tune for Google. The Instagram caption reads, "This could be your next ringtone."

With each of their instruments, Ben&Ben were able to come up with a sound that is both relaxing and appealing. The popular band showed the elements they incorporated step-by-step, mentioning musical terms like riff, bass, ambiance, percussion, interwebz. They also made use of violin and shakers in the background.

However, the lyrics are not yet posted in the teaser. In a separate video, the band just gave out a hint through clue words. Paolo Guico, one of the twins, said that the words "chat, balita, raket, scam, and Ginoogle" could be included in the lyrics. 

As of writing, the teaser video of this tune already had around 13K likes on Instagram. Netizens have expressed their excitement towards the song release. 

Ben&Ben said the upcoming song will hopefully serve some good vibes to all. Allegedly, they will be releasing it on February 8, at exactly 3:45 PM. You can watch the launch by clicking this link.

Are you guys excited to hear the new song?

Source: Ben&Ben

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