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Chrome OS Flex launched , turns your old PC into a Chromebook

Google just launched Chrome OS Flex, a lightweight software that can turn your old computers or Macs into Chromebooks.
Chrome OS Flex launched , turns your old PC into a Chromebook
Using the Gmail app

A brilliant way to restore your old PC!

The tech giant is aiming at businesses and schools for this new operating system and says that it can be installed "within minutes". They even claimed that the said OS can efficiently run on devices that are up to 13 years old.
Desktop appearance of the OS
Desktop appearance of the OS

With this move, users of the Chrome OS Flex may be able to reinvigorate and prolong their old devices and remain stable for years.

Google's announcement of this new operating system comes a few years after the company purchased Neverware, which developed Cloudready, a lightweight operating system for schools and businesses with a number of old PCs or Macs.

Moreover, the firm claims that the Chrome OS Flex will get the same attention from Google as Chrome OS, due to being designed from the same codebase and will look and feel the same as the Chrome OS available on the Chromebook.

Some features, on the other hand, may be reliant on the hardware. Thus, some functions such as Google Assistant's always-on and smartphone synchronization with Android, may not be available to everyone.

Even though the Chrome OS Flex is available for early access, the company claims that no large-scale testing has been made. Before releasing the OS to the public, Google is simply allowing users to play around with it and provide feedbacks.

Source: Google

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