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Google Chrome gets updated, simplified icon after 8 years!

Out of nowhere, Google Chrome gets an updated logo across different platforms. The update is subtle after 8 years of no changes at all.
Google Chrome gets updated, simplified icon after 8 years!
Google Chrome's new look for 2022!

Check out the new Google Chrome logo!

No shadows, a bigger blue circle, brighter colors!
No shadows, a bigger blue circle, brighter colors!

The last time Google updated the Chrome logo was back in 2014. The 2014 refresh came with a flattering look similar to the Material Design look it introduced in Android. The new 2022 Chrome logo will still look similar but has some subtle changes.

First, the designers removed the shadows. Then they refined the proportions of the design and made the colors more vibrant. You can see the differences side-by-side. In addition, due to an unprecedented color vibration interaction between the Green and Red colors, they also introduced a subtle gradient.

There are also OS-specific changes to the logo as well. Windows 10 and 11 Chrome logos will have a more gradient look. Chrome OS will have no gradients and will have brighter colors. The macOS logo will have a 3D look while Beta and Dev variants will have colorful ribbons. The iOS version of the logo will be similar but the Beta Chrome logo will be a Blueprint version.
Other design considerations
Other design considerations

According to the developers, the subtle changes are designed to tailor the Chrome logo to each OS it resides in. There were other iterations of the design featuring more negative space but they decided to settle for something that works and just build on it.

The Canary version of Google Chrome has received these new icons today. It will soon be available in a stable version on several platforms, and it will be reflected within the app over the following few months.

What do you guys think?

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