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IINVICTOR Soturi Gaming Headphones Review - Value for money pick?

IINVICTOR is a new player in the gaming audio space. The new Soturu headphones look to be eye-catching while offering decent specs on paper.
IINVICTOR Soturi Gaming Headphones Review - Value for money pick?
Iinvictor Soturi

Today, we share our thoughts and experiences of the IINVICTOR Soturi Gaming Headphones after a month of use. 

Let's see how it performs.



The headphones arrive in a Black and Orange box with the render of the headphones, IINVICTOR and Soturi branding and the specs and features.
Inside the box part 1
Inside the box part 1

Inside the box is the Soturi headphones with its long braided cable.
Box Inclusions part 2
Box Inclusions part 2

Included is a carrying case, a stand, a USB Sound card with a braided cable, and a detachable microphone. 

The braided cable of the headphones and the USB sound card is tough but malleable. It never got tangled and unruly during our month with the headphones.
Stand assembled
Stand assembled

This is what the stand looks like when assembled.

Build Quality/Design

Top side

The Soturi Gaming Headphones are made out of a combination of high-quality polycarbonate, metal, and faux leather. This combination makes it solid to hold but flexible while being significantly lightweight.

Solid and lightweight build!

On top is the headband that secures the headphones on the user's head with a clamping force of 350 grams. This amount of force is just enough to keep the headphones in place without causing discomfort to the user.

On the inner side of the headband is a faux leather cushion.

The ear cups are large with a white polycarbonate outer shell. On the inner side is the black faux leather cushions. In the middle of each leather cushion are the orange material with the Left and right indicator. 

On the left cup is where the user can attach the detachable microphone and below it is where the braided cable is attached.
Left side
Left side
Right side
Right side

The C-shaped metal that connects the cups to the headband is lightweight and solid. It is surprisingly secure which reassures the user of its toughness.

On the left side of the headband is the IINVICTOR logo while on the cups are orange graphics.
Left cup
Left cup
Right cup
Right cup

Inbetween the cushions are the orange material with the Left and Right indicators.
Detachable microphone
Detachable microphone

The detachable microphone is primarily made of a hard polycarbonate shell with the only metal parts being the audio jack and the microphone head.



The headphones are on-ear headphones which means they are supposed to rest on the top of your ear. The clamping force of the earphones is strong enough to keep in place but not enough to cause discomfort. It was easy to wear this for hours. Our head and ears never felt fatigued even after 5 hours of continued gaming sessions.

Great comfort for hours!

The polycarbonate material allows the headphones to just weigh 295 grams which makes the headphones surprisingly light despite their size. In fact, even after 5 hours of being immersed in a JRPG or nearly 6 hours of grinding competitive VALORANT, and ears never felt too strained. There is the usual minor discomfort after a long session but it isn't as bad as heavier headphones.

The outer earcup and the cushions are more than large enough for our ears. The clamping force with the cushion makes a decent seal isolate environmental noise from the audio coming out of the headphone's drivers.

The comfort and isolation the Soturi offers are more than good enough for the price point. The only downside is that after just an hour of use, our ears were sweating. This is normal for faux leather cushions that make a decent seal.


Focuses on gaming audio benefits
Focuses on gaming audio benefits

The headphones feature 50mm drivers, 32 Ohms impedance, and 20-20,000Hz frequency response. Included in the box is a USB sound card. By having the sound card externally, it is not prone to the interference that other internal computer components can affect the audio quality.

When used without the included sound card, the sound from the headphones is clear, crisp, and powerful.

The soundstage is huge while the direction of the sound is accurate. It also manages to produce sounds that we have yet to hear before with our IEM and our work headphones. 

Because the bass was not the focus, we heard a variety of sounds that we never heard with our music-focused In-ear monitors and our work headphones.

In fact, IINVICTOR is proud to say that bass was not the focus to be able to offer the best performing headphones for gaming.

The range of sound these headphones are able to produce is impressive.

When the Soturi is used with the included Sound card, the power, volume, and clarity is improved. We recommend using the external sound card going forward as we were able to discern sounds separately and with more clarity than before. We feel that this does give us a competitive advantage over other players with earphones or headphones that do not offer similar performance.

Overall, we are satisfied with the audio performance of the Soturi for gaming. We do not recommend it for sound trips or any music-focused experiences.

IINVICTOR Soturi Gaming Headphones Specs

Drivers: Audiophile Standard 50mm driver
Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000Hz
Impedance: 32 Ohms
Microphone: Detachable V-Command Mic
Microphone Frequency Response: 100 - 12,000Hz
Pick-up Pattern: Omni-directional pick-up pattern
Microphone sensitivity: -34dBV ref 1 V/PA
Clamping Force: 350 grams
Connectivity: 3.5mm audio jack
Others: Ergonomic PU Leather Headband and Earcushions, Transporter Audio Engine DSP USB Sound Card, Braided Sleeve Cable
Weight: 295 grams
Price: SGD 138 (around PHP 5.2K)


Includes a stand in the box!
Includes a stand in the box!

With its solid build, lightweight body, comfortable cushions, the Soturi is one of the better-built gaming headphones for the price.

The 50mm drivers along with the included external USB sound card are able to produce superior clarity, separation, directionality, sound stage, and range. We were able to hear sounds that our IEMs and work headphones were not able to produce.

The braided cable is malleable and tough and it never got unruly during our time with the headphones.

Our one concern with the headphones is that after an hour of use, our ears were already sweaty. Otherwise, the Soturi is lightweight and comfortable enough to be worn for long play sessions.

Another nitpick is that we wished the inner packaging was made of better materials instead of thin plastic mold-like material.

We also hope that it will become officially available in the Philippines.

For now, you may check its website here.

Build/Design - 4.5
Comfort/Isolation - 4.5
Features - 4.5
Sound - 4.5
Average - 4.5/5

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