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GCash launches "buy now, pay later" feature with up to 24 installments

The country's leading mobile wallet GCash has joined the booming "buy now, pay later" trend, allowing Filipinos to purchase big-ticket items with a payment term of up to 24 installments.
GCash launches "buy now, pay later" feature with up to 24 installments
File photo: Mobile wallet GCash

Buy now, pay later now available on GCash

GCash has widened its offerings anew with the introduction of GGives, which provides short-term financing for its qualified users wanting flexibility when shopping.

In a statement, GCash explained that the new feature enables qualified users to pay for items valued at PHP 30,000 in up to 24 installments or "gives" for as long as 12 months.

It said users who tap this service can pay for the items through twice-monthly payments.

According to GCash President and Chief Executive Officer Martha Sazon, the new lending feature is "tailor-made for Filipinos' purchasing behaviors", noting installment pay or "hulugan".

This is because it allows them to have enough freedom to maximize their money while still getting to enjoy what they want and need, Sazon said.

How can users activate GGives? Gcash said users just need to tap "view all services" on the mobile app then select GGives. Users only need to verify and complete their information to seek approval.

Aside from GGives, the mobile wallet also boasts another lending feature—GLoan. This allows eligible users to borrow funds of up to PHP 25,000. Users who secure approval for this financial service can opt to pay in nine to 12 months.

So far, GLoan has already disbursed a total of PHP 1 billion.

With GGives and GLoan, Filipinos now have access to safe and efficient credit services that offer fair and transparent interest rates to help them cope with these challenging times, Sazon said.

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