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Netflix to charge users for sharing their passwords? Here's why!

Netflix password sharing is popular among families and friends. The company does not like it, and you may pay a fee in the future to do so! Read on!
Netflix to charge users for sharing their passwords? Here's why!
Netflix plans to charge users for password sharing

New fee for sharing your Netflix password?

Yes, Netflix is already testing ways to charge its subscribers a fee for sharing their passwords with loved ones. It is to be expected as more streaming services popped up in recent years. Netflix now faces steep competition and the company's revenue is now allegedly being affected by password sharing.

In a blog post, Netflix reiterated that its subscription plans like Standard and Premium do encourage sharing. However, there may have been confusion on what "sharing" really means. Sharing among people in the same household? Thumbs up. Between different households? Nah.

Over the next weeks, Netflix will begin monitoring these "Extra Members" or users in different households for existing accounts across Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru. Subscribers can add up to two extra members that live outside the household for an extra monthly fee. The fee will be around USD 2.99. These new members will also have to register their own usernames and passwords.

Netflix will allow users to move their current profiles to another account or an existing Extra Member sub-account, which will maintain the user's watch history, likes, and tailored recommendations. The test will allow the company to take steps to enforce this in the markets as well. This test will allow Netflix to gauge how much more revenue it gets.

What do you guys think?

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