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RAKK PIRAH mechanical gaming keyboard now available for PHP 2,895

Rakk Gears announced that the Pirah Mechanical Keyboard is now available for purchase with an SRP of PHP 2,895. Read on for more information!
RAKK PIRAH mechanical gaming keyboard now available for PHP 2,895
RAKK PIRAH mechanical gaming keyboard

RAKK PIRAH mechanical gaming keyboard now available via EasyPC

Here is the breakdown of the RAKK Pirah!
Here is the breakdown of the RAKK Pirah!

The RAKK PIRAH is a wireless gaming keyboard with a 65 percent layout. It has 69 keys in total which is ideal for those who want to maximize desk space for mouse movements or just want a minimalistic look. RAKK Pirah is made up of many layers that provide comfort, typing acoustics, superior protection, and a better user experience. The PBT keycaps, casing, plate, factory-lubricated stabilizer, PCB board, silicone cushion, and PCB foam are among the layers.

Users may also personalize the keyboard by adding their own keycaps. To add aesthetics to their newest gaming keyboard, many RAKK Pirah users purchase their own PBT keycaps with their favorite patterns and colors.

This RGB keyboard features an 8-million-color backlight. The RAKK Finetuner program, which can be downloaded from the RAKK website, or the Fn + TAB key may be used to adjust the LEDs.
Hot-swappable mechanical switches
Hot-swappable mechanical switches

It is also a how-swappable keyboard with 7 mechanical switches to choose from including the RAKK Katala Linear Switch and RAKK Kalaw Tactile Switch. The other switches to choose from are Kailh Box White, Kailh Speed Bronze, Gateron Yellow Milky, Gateron Red Milky, and Gateron Black Milky. It also has a 1,000Hz polling rate.

The RAKK Pirah connects via Bluetooth 5.0 or a USB-C cable. Up to three devices can be connected to RAKK Pirah. It also has a 2,000mAh Li-po battery that can last up to 7 days without needing to be charged.

Because RAKK Pirah is portable, wireless, and long-lasting, you can take it with you everywhere you go.

Price and availability

RAKK PIRAH mechanical keyboard - PHP 2,895

The RAKK PIRAH mechanical keyboard is available in Black, Pink, and White colors. It is available now via EasyPC's website, Shopee, and Lazada store.

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