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Google purges three more Joker-infested Android apps from the Play Store

Google is again cracking down on apps infected by the ever-persistent Joker Trojan. As of now, there have been 3 new apps deleted from the Play Store.
Google purges three more Joker-infested Android apps from the Play Store
Joker Trojan is back in the Google Play Store

Joker Trojan is back to wreak havoc on the Google Play Store

The Joker Trojan is a type of malicious program that is used for billing and SMS fraud, as well as a variety of other malicious hacking activities such as collecting text messages, contact lists, and device information. Despite Google's effort to bolster up defenses against it, Joker always makes a return every now and then.

The infected applications, which take the place of their deleted counterparts, frequently pose as messaging, health tracking, and PDF scanner apps that, once installed, ask for permission to read text messages and notifications, which are then used to subscribe users to premium services.

Joker uses a clever way to get around the Google Play screening process by making its harmful payload "asleep" and waking up only after the applications have gone live on the Play Store.

The apps infected were Style Message, Blood Pressure App, and Camera PDF Scanner.

As a reminder, we highly encourage you to just download from OFFICIAL outlets such as the Google Play Store. Even then, we also recommend reading the reviews before downloading the app to find out if it does what it promises and nothing more.

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