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Panasonic supplies PNP, PRVA operations with Japan Quality Batteries

Panasonic Energy is looking to provide PNP and PRVA with its high-capacity, long-lasting batteries to help them in their operations. Read on for more!
Panasonic supplies PNP, PRVA operations with Japanese Energy Batteries
PNP and PRVA receive support from Panasonic

Panasonic Energy partners with PNP and PRVA

These Panasonic Energy Batteries are touted to last long!
These Panasonic Energy Batteries are touted to last long!

Panasonic Energy Batteries provided these modern-day heroes a boost by supplying batteries to power the gadgets they use in the field, such as torches, battery-powered radios, microphones, wireless keyboards, and Bluetooth mice.

Panasonic Energy's batteries have always been an important element of operations for the PNP at Camp Crame, from their offices and precincts to the tiniest towns they visit while executing their duties.

There are two varieties of Panasonic Energy Batteries. The rechargeable batteries, such as the eneloop and eneloop pro, offer an extra-long lifespan and reusability, are environmentally benign, and can be recharged up to 2,100 times. Second, dry batteries like Evolta, Alkaline, Manganese, and Lithium Coin are recognized for their outstanding performance on low- and high-drain devices, as well as having clever anti-leak protection and non-toxic and safe chemicals.

For the PRVA, accidents, catastrophes, and tragedies, which are made worse when they occur in the middle of the night, require high-quality Panasonic Energy Batteries to help in their duties as these can power flashlights, radios, and more.

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