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Razer co-founder Robert Krakoff passed away at 81

Razer just announced the passing of its co-founder Robert Krakoff at age 81. He is a pioneer in the gaming mouse industry. Read on for more!
Razer co-founder Robert Krakoff passed away at 81
Robert Krakoff passed away at 81

Rest in peace, Robert Krakoff!

Razer Boomslang
Razer Boomslang

Robert Krakoff passed away on April 26, 2022. The cause of death was not yet revealed but seems to be directed towards old age. Krakoff leaves behind his wife and two children as well as 5 grandkids.

Krakoff was one of the pioneers in the gaming mouse industry. He was a designer and engineer that started with the company Kärna in 1999 that came out with an optomechanical wheel that could track mouse movements at 2,000 dpi. The device that featured this technology became the first-ever gaming mouse with the name Razer Boomslang.

When Kärna went down in 2001, Krakoff teamed up with Fitch, a marketing company, and co-founded Razer in 2005. Krakoff went on to become Razer's public face, with RazerGuy hints and advice appearing on the packaging of a variety of goods. Many of his avid supporters were offered employment by him.

Thank you for your technical innovations with Razer, Robert Krakoff!

Rest in eternal peace!

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