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vivo announces very first PUBG Mobile Turbo Cup Challenge Tournament

The very first vivo PUBG Turbo Cup Challenge. It is a tournament for PUBG Mobile for Southeast Asian players. Read on for more information!
vivo announces very first PUBG Mobile Turbo Cup Challenge Tournament
vivo PUBG Mobile Turbo Cup Challenge Tournament registration now open!

vivo PUBG Mobile Turbo Cup Challenge Tournament kicks off!

The top PUBG Mobile gamers from Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines will compete on July 9, 2022, and bring their A-game to fight in one massive and exciting gaming event. The PUBG Turbo Cup Challenge Tournament is expected to be a big esports event in partnership with Mineski Global.

The vivo PUBG Turbo Cup Challenge will be split into three stages: country qualifiers, country finals, and SEA finals, all of which will be played in a Battle Royale format. These phases will comprise four games in which players will explore and compete in four third-person (TPP) maps namely Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, and Vikendi.

During the country qualifiers, sixty-four teams from each region will participate in four groups. In the first stage, four winning teams will be selected from each group, and they will compete in the country finals. From the contending teams in the second stage, another four will proceed to the SEA Finals. The highest place and total kill points will decide the winner of each match.

The winning team leaders from the country qualifiers will be invited to meet and greet one of the country's professional gaming team leaders, who will assist them in honing their gaming strategies and talents. During the country and SEA finals, each of the four countries will have its own local stream. In addition to the local stream, there will be a virtual stage where fans and participants may follow the competition.

Interested teams can register through this link. You just need to upload your Student ID and student portal account profile. They should also have their own PUBG mobile accounts and ID nicknames registered. To play in the main tournament, participants must register through the team registration process. They can only join one team, which should be made up of four players.

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