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LG showcases its newest innovations at INFOCOMM 2022

LG displayed its innovative commercial technologies, including Transparent OLED Signage, its diverse lineup, and many more at the INFOCOMM 2022.
LG showcases its Innovations at INFOCOMM 2022
The INFOCOMM 2022 event

LG highlights its innovations at INFOCOMM 2022!

The Korean electronics titan demonstrated how its products can support business needs in boardrooms, retail shops, drive-throughs, residential home offices, professional creative studios, and more in seven diverse zones.

They started with the LED signage solution using the 54-inch bezel-free displays which lets integrators create a smooth viewing experience. The new LG LED Bloc (model LSAC) is four times bigger in area than most regularly used LED cabinets. While its peculiar size permits it to be used as a 55-inch LCD video wall display with ease of installation as well as it can also match current LCD video wall brackets.
The Cloi GuideBot
The Cloi GuideBot

The next product unveiled is LG's first autonomous robot assistant called the LG CLOi GuideBot. According to them, it is engineered to provide wayfinding, enhanced security, and strong advertising opportunities. It also has a friendly digital face and two large touch screens in which museums, convention centers, theaters, or hotels that use it will be able to provide a brand new customer service experience.
The Transparent OLED Signage
The Transparent OLED Signage

The brand introduced its Transparent OLED Signage displays alongside the 88-inch Stretch Displays and LG Ultra Slim LED signage that can dish out informative and attractive backdrops.
The CreateBoard
The CreateBoard

LG displayed products in which boardrooms, meeting rooms, training, and learning environments can utilize. Such technologies are the 136-inch all-in-one screen with the onboard system, controller, and speakers, 55-inch and 43-inch LG One: Quick Works and One: Quick Flex 4K all-in-one collaboration tool, 86-inch LG CreateBoard interactive whiteboard, 28-inch LG DualUp Monitor, 27-inch QHD Ergo Dual desktop monitor, 15-inch LG gram laptop and a 98-inch large UHD signage meant for classrooms.

LG also has products for those who want a theater-like experience using the LG Magnit. For those who want items for the home office, they have the 43-inch One: Quick Flex display, 14-inch LG gram laptop, and two QHD ergonomic desktop monitors that can be rotated separately to make a 32:9 ultrawide display or a 16:18 display, or provide a vertical and horizontal screen at the same time.

The electronics maker also has prepared products for those who are in the creative, film, and broadcast industry like the LG's 32-inch UltraFine OLED Pro desktop monitor supplemented by a hood and detachable self-calibration sensor which should provide the professional-level colors needed. Additionally, there's also a wider variant with two 65-inch sizes capable of wall mount and the other one on a stand.

LG has also shown how a 136-inch LED AIO screen may be used in the command centers. Furthermore, the company's 55-inch Even Bezel LCD panel can be used to create a variety of video wall displays with virtually unnoticeable panel separation. Alongside it, they also showed the 43-inch IPS UHD desktop monitor and a 49-inch IPS Dual QHD UltraWideTM curved monitor with a 32:9 aspect.

Finally, the Korean tech brand also highlighted their projector called the 4K UHD CineBeam and ProBeam business projector which both have Ultra Short Throw (UST) and high brightness features. They also said these two can be used in any given situation.

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