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SKYcable launches "Oplan Kontra Putol" vs. intentional cable cut incidents

SKYcable is stepping up its fight against illegal cable cutting by launching a campaign called "Oplan Kontra Putol."
SKYcable's "Oplan Kontra Putol"

Concerned citizens may now report illegal cable cutting activities

Recent reports of illegal cable cutting activities have been reported in the country. SKYcable condemns these acts made by unscrupulous individuals seeking to profit from the illegal activity. 

According to SKY Chief Operating Officer Claudia Suarez, the company is actively working with various pay-TV, telcos, and internet service providers in a concerted effort to curb the rampant illegal cable cutting activities.

'Oplan Kontra Putol' demonstrates our commitment to providing a reliable and uninterrupted internet connection and cable services to our SKY Kapamilyas. Rest assured that we are working closely with local government units and authorities day in and day out to prevent these incidents from happening, Suarez said.

SKY's Head of Network Operations RJ Licup said that SKY is working closely with local authorities in monitoring the streets and barangays for such illegal activities and is being more proactive in taking legal actions to put a stop to these criminal acts. 

Intentional cable cutting is a disservice to the Filipinos, especially during this time when people rely heavily upon fast, secure, and reliable internet and cable access to go about their daily lives. We appeal to our SKY Kapamilyas and local government authorities to help us in our fight against intentional cable cutting. Our various platforms are available round-the-clock to receive reports from the public so that we can take the necessary actions to address these service interruptions and restore your services as soon as possible, Licup stated.

In case you didn't know, intentional cable cuts occur when perpetrators snip off hard-to-reach fiber optic cables and sell the stolen copper wires inside for profit, resulting in service disruptions and becoming a national concern due to the damages incurred.

Under Republic Act 10515 or the Cable Theft Law, intentional cable cutting is punishable by law with imprisonment of two to five years or hefty fines imposed at the discretion of the court. 

Concerned citizens may report suspected illegal cable cutting activities through  www.mysky.com.ph/kontraputol or by messaging SKY's 24/7 messaging platform KYLA on Viber (mysky.com.ph/kylaofsky), Facebook Messenger (m.me/myskyupdates), and SKY's official website (mysky.com.ph/message-us).

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