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Acer x Adidas announces promo on NITRO desktops with RTX 30 series

Acer x Adidas announces promos on three models of NITRO gaming desktop with RTX 30 series GPUs.
Acer x Adidas announces promo on NITRO desktops with RTX 30 series
The promo banner of Acer

Acer x Adidas promo!

The model names are NITRO N50-620, NITRO N50-610, and NITRO N50-640. As per Acer's Facebook post, the three units have similar details and are currently on a discount.

All desktops boast a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, up to 64GB DDR5 RAM, and up to 6TB HDD. All PCs will be also equipped with RTX 30 series graphics processing units.
Two more NITRO units
Two more NITRO units

The photo from NITRO N50-640 also shows that it may come with a free mouse and keyboard. There are also two variants from it that come at different prices.

Price and availability

NITRO N50-610 - PHP 55,999 (PHP 50,999 discounted price)
NITRO N50-640 (DG.E2VSP.002) - PHP 55,999 (PHP 52,999 discounted price)
NITRO N50-620 - PHP 59,999 (PHP 54,999 discounted price)
NITNITRO N50-640 (DG.E2VSP.003) - PHP 59,999 (PHP 56,999 discounted price)

Upon buying these units, Acer said that you can get up to PHP 20K discount or gift certificate from Adidas merchandise in participating The SM Stores for qualifying Acer products only until August 15,2022.

You may buy them at any Acer Concept Stores or Authorized resellers near your area.

Also, as you can see there aren't many details that will differentiate each unit, the website is also not updated and has only previous models posted. We will update this page once we get more info about them.

What do you guys think?

Source: Acer

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