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DITO 5G mobile is now live in some areas?

During our time in Ortigas today, we noticed that our DITO SIM card showed 5G connectivity. We tested it and we were impressed.
DITO 5G mobile is now live in some areas?
DITO's 5G speed is fast!

DITO Telecommunity rolling out 5G quietly?

526 Mbps download speed is impressive!
526 Mbps download speed is impressive!

Back in February, DITO already started its 5G connectivity via its 5G Home WiFi kits. But now, after months of speculation after MediaTek announced its partnership with the third telco player in the Philippines, we might have experienced it first hand.

In Ortigas, we were able to get 5G reception with our DITO SIM using our realme 9 Pro 5G. We immediately tested the speeds and we were pleasantly surprised. We got 526 Mbps down and 9.69 up. Yes, the difference in download and upload speeds are different but still, 500+ Mbps is extremely fast for an unofficial 5G reception. We were also able to get occasional 5G receptions via DITO in the Cainta area as well.

In May 2021, Nokia said in a statement it bagged the deal to provide telecommunications equipment for DITO's 5G infrastructure in Mindanao. DITO's 5G, Nokia said, will deliver "superior speeds, capacity, and lower latencies."

Maybe DITO is already testing 5G in highly populated business districts. This is not yet official though. We just happened to experience it today.

Have about in your area? Tell us about your DITO experience!

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