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Kohler has a new intelligent toilet priced at PHP 319K!

Kohler unveiled a new Eir smart toilet that is not only innovative but also brings luxury with its price tag of more than PHP 300,000.
Kohler has a new intelligent toilet priced at PHP 319K!
A smart and luxurious toilet from Kohler is now sold in the Philippines

A toilet that automatically cleans and deodorizes itself

According to the company's official website, the Kohler Eir Intelligent Water Closet has "flowing lines, and personalized finish detail will make a statement in any bathroom."  It is described as a compact, streamlined one-piece intelligent toilet with integrated personal cleansing.

The toilet from Kohler is equipped with an elongated bowl that is designed for room and comfort while the Comfort Height feature offers chair-height seating. Allegedly, this structure makes sitting down and standing up easier for most adults.
Features of the Kohler Eir Intelligent Water Closet
Features of the Kohler Eir Intelligent Water Closet

In addition, users won't need to dirty their hands to open the toiler cover because it's already motion-activated and quietly closes after usage. During the nighttime, there's an option to activate the LED lighting to illuminate the bowl, so it somehow serves as a nightlight.

Moreover, it features a stainless steel wand that comes with an adjustable spray shape, position, water pressure, temperature, pulsate, and oscillate functions. The heated seat also got adjustable temperature settings. Then, the front and rear wash modes provide warm water for cleansing.

Meanwhile, the company noted that the bowl is automatically misted prior to use for a more sanitary experience. Also, it boasts a self-cleaning function that utilizes UV light and electrolyzed water systems to automatically clean the wand surfaces. 

Users won't need to worry about unpleasant smells after a dump since this one also has an automatic deodorization system. In case of water interruptions, the intelligent toilet got an emergency flush that supports up to 100 flushes with a simple touch-button activation.

Price and availability

Kohler Eir Intelligent Water Closet - PHP 319,000

Our team spotted that this intelligent toilet is now available in the Philippines via Lazada.

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