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OPPO/OnePlus is now banned in Germany, and OPPO faces tax issues in India

With the German court ruling in favor of Nokia in the 4G/5G patent battle, OPPO and OnePlus are now banned in Germany.
OPPO, OnePlus gets a ban in Germany after Nokia wins 4G/5G patent dispute
OPPO and OnePlus are now banned in Germany

OPPO, and OnePlus are banned in Germany after Nokia's dispute win!

In its 4G/5G patent fight with OPPO, a German court in Mannheim has ruled in favor of Nokia. The lawsuit came about as a result of the failure of negotiations between Nokia and OPPO regarding 4G LTE and 5G patents.

The first decision pertaining to the contested patents was made by the German Regional Court. In three local German courts, Nokia had sued OPPO for nine Standard Essential Patents and five implementation patents. With significant investments of over EUR 129 billion, Nokia is the market leader in 5G SEPs. It possesses numerous patents in the area and recently received a number of settlements. Some of Nokia's recent rivals that have reached agreements with the company include Daimler and Lenovo.

Nokia was given permission by the Mannheim Regional Court for a cease-and-desist against OPPO. This implies that for the time being, OPPO and OnePlus devices cannot be sold in Germany. The judge rejected OPPO's appeal of the ruling and characterized the Chinese company as an uncooperative licensee.

In a statement, OPPO stated that it will "temporarily" halt device sales in Germany. It emphasized that current OPPO users can still continue using OPPO products, and after-sales services, and receive OS updates during the ban.

OPPO allegedly evaded USD 551 million import tax in India

According to an investigation by India's Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, OPPO allegedly evaded customs duty worth USD 551 million. According to the investigators, evidence shows that OPPO used duty exemptions wrongfully for items imported for use in mobile phone production.

In addition, OPPO allegedly made royalty payments that were not added to the transaction value of the imported goods. OPPO is currently reviewing the allegations and promised to respond as soon as possible. OPPO India is also in danger of getting fined as well.

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