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Residents can use 'Baguio in My Pocket' app in for emergencies and disasters!

Aside from calling 911, Baguio locals can now report any emergency to authorities with a simple tap on their device.
Residents can use 'Baguio in My Pocket' app in for emergencies and disasters!
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An all-in-one platform to provide key services and immediate response

According to a Facebook post from a Pinoy blogger ChaDventurestories, there's an app that serves as an alternative to direct telephone calls to report serious concerns or issues to the Baguio City Command Center. The website noted that this app was designed to allow all residents to avail themselves of online and digital services provided by the BIMP and Baguio LGU.

To report an incident, one must simply log on to Baguio in My Pocket and press the 911 button which will prompt the submission of a picture and details of the incident. Chief Information Officer Aileen Refuerzo assured that the information about anyone reporting an incident will be treated with confidentiality.

Aside from that, Refuerzo said that a feedback mechanism is also provided in the procedure to make sure the information provided was acted on. 

Allegedly, the command center boasts several components including the following: facial recognition, vehicle license plate recording, an integrated command center, a communication platform, geographical information system,  big data analytics, smart traffic signalization, and others.

One of the sources stated that the command center located at the Baguio Convention and Cultural Centre is 24/7 manned by a composite team with different expertise coming from the Baguio City Police Office, Baguio Fire Department, and disaster council. It also has access to various closed-circuit television cameras installed in different parts of the city that serves as the eye of the center.

The blogger warned that prank calls or improper use of the emergency response hotline are monitored and punishable by authorities.

The Baguio in My Pocket app is compatible with Android and Apple devices.

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