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Opensignal: 5G experience in APAC's biggest cities revealed, Metro Manila at the bottom half

Global market insights firm Opensignal recently revealed the 5G experience in APAC's biggest cities.
5G download and upload in APAC

5G experience in the Asia Pacific

Based on its data, Seoul had the fastest 5G download speeds at 453.1 Mbps while Kuala Lumpur recorded the highest 5G upload speed. Kuala Lumpur is also number 2 in the DL speed department followed by Auckland, Singapore, Taipei, Sydney, and Tokyo.

Metro Manila is next with a 150.7 Mbps download speed. For upload, it is the second slowest with 14.4 Mbps next to Tokyo with 11.9 Mbps. Surprisingly, Tokyo didn't do that well in this ranking too.
5G Video and 5G Games Experience
5G Video and 5G Games Experience

As expected, Seoul, South Korea topped the 5G Games Experience followed by Singapore and Jakarta. Metro Manila is at the bottom.

For 5G Video Experience, Taipei, Taiwan is on the very top. Metro Manila is just in the bottom four higher than Bangkok, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur recorded the highest 5G vs 4G Download Speed Improvement ratio at 19 times. Metro Manila is at number 2 with 7.3 times faster connectivity versus 4G.

In addition, the users' experience when streaming mobile video in Metropolitan Manila saw the greatest uplift. Its 5G Video Experience score of 71.6 was 54 percent higher than its 4G Video Experience.

5G users in Seoul connect to 5G more than 40 percent of the time.

Opensignal said that the experience in 5G will change depending on the rollout progress and adoption increases.

Data from the other research firm Ookla shows that the Philippines is making great strides in improving its telco industry in terms of speed, but it is clearly not enough to beat our top neighboring countries for now.

To read the full report, click here.

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