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Purego online grocery store gets rebranded as Rappit

Online grocery store Purego has been rebranded to Rappit. It promises efficient deliveries and an overall better shopping experience. Read on!
Purego online grocery store gets rebranded as Rappit
Purego is now known as Rappit!

Rappit aims to improve Purego's online grocery success!

Rappit, whose name is a pun on the terms "wrap it" and "rapid," is now available for Filipinos with a more enjoyable, thrilling shopping experience and better benefits for their purchases from Purego. Purego was the online grocery store that was a collaboration of Puregold Group and 917Ventures.

Rappit is adopting a greater sense of purpose with its rebrand. These are to keep providing high-quality food items at competitive costs, to give outstanding user experience personalization, and to reward app users with exclusive benefits and freebies. Rappit wants to revolutionize delivery services in this way.

Customers will receive more individualized service from Rappit, along with a user-friendly navigation experience that will make online shopping seem natural. Rappit claims to make using it more enjoyable by allowing customers to purchase from a variety of shopping categories.

One of the benefits of using Rappit for shopping is the more rewarding experience it offers and the numerous benefits clients can take advantage of. On the Rappit app, you may anticipate getting bargains, freebies, and market steals.

The app is now available via the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS devices. You can also check Rappit via this link.

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