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Lawmaker filed a bill for a universal "beep" card in Metro Manila

QC Rep." PM" Vargas proposed a bill seeking to centralize stored-value payments and transactions for public transportation into a single beep card.
Lawmaker filed a bill for a universal "beep" card in Metro Manila
Using multiple beep cards can be inconvenient and expensive for commuters (Photo from Beep Facebook)

A one-card-fits-all system for public transportation in Metro Manila soon?

Launched in 2015 by AF Payments Incorporated, beep cards are reloadable contactless smart cards for the payment of fares for rail-based rapid transit transportation through Metro Manila railway lines. This includes LRT Line 1, LRT Line 2, MRT Line 3, and select bus lines among others. 

Some people also are using beep cards instead of cash in particular convenience stores and other businesses. But in 2016, a different contactless smart card was introduced for yet another public transportation project called the Bagong Jeep (BEEP) program.

The BEEP Program has utilized the "BeepRides" card, a different contactless smart card from the "Beep" card used by rail-based rapid transportation systems. Due to the confusion of several commuters, the DOTr had to release a statement differentiating the two smart cards in 2020.

The department also stated that PUV operators are the ones who choose which automatic fare collection system (AFCS) they will tap for their operations, as long as it is compliant with the DOTr's order to utilize contactless transactions in public transport.

House Bill 4913, also known as the "Universal Beep Card Bill", is designed to provide a one-card-fits-all system for public transportation in Metro Manila. Vargas added,

By centralizing stored-value payments and transactions into a 'universal beep card', we remove barriers of expensive and unnecessary costs of public transportation.

The solon also explained that technological advancement must be coupled with ergonomic solutions since the country is experiencing a shortage of beep cards. He said that these circumstances open an opportunity to further develop policies, especially in commuter transactions. 

Vargas noted that the use of universal beep cards to centralize fares for multiple public transportation systems has been adopted in cities like London, Paris, Hong Kong, and Seoul.

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