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Logitech outs 11.11 super sale deals!

11.11 super sale is happening later tonight at 12 midnight. Here are Logitech's offers with big discounts on their products.
Logitech outs 11.11 super sale deals!
The discounts and freebies

Logitech's 11.11 promos!

One of the biggest shopping events this year will start from November 11 up until November 13. Buyers may expect up to 40 percent off on select items, cash backs of up to PHP 100, and shipping discounts capped at PHP 38 when buying at the official Logitech G Shopee page.

Apart from that, if you purchase some select products from the gaming brand, you may get a realme Pad mini as a freebie. There are also free Uni-care wipes or free Sodexo vouchers amounting to PHP 500 or PHP 100.
Some of the gaming peripherals
Some of the gaming peripherals

You can also expect value-for-money bundles and freebies as well. To qualify for cash back you may register here.

Below is the list of Logitech G gaming products:

G402 Hyperion Fury - PHP 1,799 (PHP 1,170 discounted price)
G502 Hero Gaming Mouse - PHP 2,749 (PHP 2,424 discounted price)
G431 Surround Gaming Headset - PHP 3,799 (PHP 3,349 discounted price)
G435 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Headset - PHP 4,499 (PHP 3,969 discounted price)
G502 X Lightspeed - PHP 4,699 (PHP 4,149 discounted price)
G PRO Gaming headset - PHP 4,799
G705 Aurora Collection Gaming Mouse - PHP 5,999 (PHP 5,129 discounted price)
G PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse - PHP 6,499 (PHP 4,509 discounted price)
G513 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - PHP 6,499 (PHP 4,899 discounted price)
G PRO X Keyboard (Clicky) - PHP 7,299
G PRO X Superlight - PHP 7,499 
G 903 Wireless Gaming Mouse - PHP 7,499 (PHP 6,619 discounted price)
G733 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Headset - PHP 7,999 (PHP 7059 discounted price)
G715 Aurora Collection Gaming Keyboard - PHP 11,499 (PHP 10,139 discounted price)
G913 TKL Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - PHP 11.8K (PHP 10.7K discounted price)

These products are now available on Logitech's official Shopee page. Some items do not appear with the discounted price yet but should appear during the sale period. 

They are also available in partner local shops such as PC Express, Silicon Valley, DataBlitz, Octagon, Electroworld, Complink, iTech, Techwarez, Gameone, Interpace Computer Systems, GameXtreme, TTI, GameOne, DynaQuest PC, Digi-Serv Solutions, Concept Computer, NUTECH, DFE (Davao Futurebright Enterprises), Villman, PCWorx, Abenson, Digistore, and Greenware.

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