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Globe Business calls for ecosystem and synergistic mindset to achieve greater heights!

Globe Business Leadership Innovation Forum 2022 opens with the theme "Synergy: Building Ecosystems for Greatness" at Grand Hyatt Manila.
Globe Business calls for ecosystem and synergistic mindset to achieve greater heights!
Don Rae (left) and Dr. Christian Busch (right)

Are internal ecosystems the answer?

Globe Business' award-winning Lead-In 2022 thought leadership event kicked off this December 5 at the Grand Ballroom of the Grand Hyatt Manila. The event aims to positively impact businesses, society, and the nation by championing the importance of synergy and collaboration.

Globe Business claims that the day was filled with enlightening talks and discussions where attendees are reminded that an organization like other things does not exist in a vacuum. Each person does their part to fulfill different roles in an organization for it to be successful. 

During these talks, Business leaders that the four of key takeaways of the event include Serendipity Intertwines with Synergy, Cultivate a Culture of Collaboration, Create Shared Value and Forge Stronger Partnerships.

Keynote speaker Dr. Christin Busch, author of the bestseller "The Serendipity Mindset"  highlighted the value of serendipity and how to create conditions favorable to what he calls "smart luck". This is tied to the promotion of a culture of ecosystems that supposedly brings forth success.

Aileen Jiao, President and Country General Manager of IBM PH shares that she is committed to moving Filipino talent, especially women, into key leadership positions and to getting underserved, undermotivated external young breed into the STEM track. 

Don Rae, Senior Advisor for Globe Business, Enterprise Group expounded on the benefits that can be achieved by contributing more as companies partake in greater responsibility to society.

This goodwill motivation aims to create shared value that results in forming unique and advantageous partnerships outside of it.

The event ended with a Networking Night where attendees can learn from each other while forging stronger partnerships.

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