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EU labels Baclaran, Divisoria, Greenhills, and Cartimar as counterfeit hubs!

Baclaran, Divisoria, Greenhills, and Cartimar have been tagged by the European Union as counterfeit hubs. They are now under its watch list.
EU labels Baclaran, Divisoria, Greenhills, Cartimar as counterfeit hubs
The European Union sees 4 Manila mass markets as counterfeit hubs

4 major markets in Manila were tagged as counterfeit hubs by the EU

The European Union Watch List identified these four markets in its most recent biennial report from December 2022 as major suppliers of counterfeit goods on both a retail and wholesale level, particularly shoes. Some stalls have even been found to be running online businesses that offer counterfeit items. However, stakeholders have reported that there has been no police involvement as of yet.

Reports say that they are selling higher-quality counterfeit goods. Most of these are said to be found in Greenhills and Cartimar including the stalls around its immediate vicinity. The NBI also seized more than EUR 1 million worth of counterfeit goods in the Greenhills shopping center back in April 2022.

This is the first time that these four markets have been included in the biennial EU Watch List since its inception in 2018. According to the EU's report, the Watch List is a compilation of vendors and service providers that have been flagged by interested parties. Each marketplace and service provider is identified by name, along with a brief description of the claims made by the reporting stakeholders and, if available, a synopsis of the defence provided by the marketplace or service provider in question.

Regarding the substance of these accusations and the reactions to them, the European Commission remains neutral. The Watch List does not contain any findings of legal infractions and is not an exhaustive list of reported markets and providers. Rather, it is limited to covering the claims made by interested parties and the responses given by the relevant markets and service providers.

The report cited a June 2021 assessment conducted in tandem by the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, which estimated that the global trade in counterfeit and pirated goods was worth an astounding USD 464 billion. This staggering figure is indicative of the immense scale of the illicit trade in fake goods, which continues to plague the global economy.

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