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Googles gets USD 161.95 million fine over anti-competitive practice in the Android platform

Google is facing a USD 161.95 million fine imposed by the Competition Commission of India for anti-competitive practices in the Android platform.
Googles gets USD 161.95 million fine over anti-competitive practice in the Android platform
Google releases statement regarding CCI's ruling and fine

CCI fines Google over USD 161 million for alleged anti-competitive practices

The CCI is citing Google's alleged abuse of its monopoly over Android and refusal to lift restrictions on smartphone manufacturers pre-installing apps on their devices. 

The Supreme Court granted Google a hearing on a stay of the Competition Commission of India's (CCI) USD 161.95 million penalty ruling on January 11 after the NCLAT rejected the internet giant's appeal for a stay on January 10. The most recent event in the ongoing legal conflict between the internet giant and the CCI is Google's appeal to the Supreme Court.

Prior to the court proceedings, Google objected to the CCI's antitrust decision, stating that it "strikes a blow" to ecosystem-wide initiatives to speed up digital adoption in the nation. The company claims that as more and more people access the internet, open source and free Android are crucial in promoting digital transformation in India and lowering the cost of smartphones.

In terms of the pre-installed apps, Google stated that the cost of adaptation in India is the biggest hindrance in India. Google also reacted to claims made by the CCI about the Play Services APIs being accessible to OEMs, third-party app developers, and rivals for the development of forked Android versions. Google claims that the Android remedies mandated by the CCI would raise the dangers of online harm and privacy breaches.

Google also tackled the issue of Android versions by stating that devices on incompatible "forks" would prevent the company from issuing security patches. This will then expose said devices to cybercrime, bugs, and malware.
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