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Cherry Home releases Dust Mite UV Vacuum and Car Vacuum Cleaner Prime!

Cherry Home introduces two cleaning essentials that may be of help in your home or on the go.
Cherry Home releases Dust Mite UV Vacuum and Car Vacuum Cleaner Prime!
The two devices

Cleaning tools for home and travel!

Starting with the Cherry Dust Mite UV Vacuum, you can use this on sofas, carpets, and furniture. The brand says it can 100 percent dust mite removal and has a 10,000Pa strong suction that can even clean deep within the fibers.
The UV Dust Mite cleaner
The UV Dust Mite cleaner

Moreover, this uses a UVC Lamp that can eliminate 99.99 percent of germs and also rapidly inactivates viruses, germs, mold, and spores.

It comes with a transparent dust box (0.3L) so you can monitor when it's time to clean the device.

Cherry assures this is lightweight and can be used hand carry with 1.4 kg only.

The device draws power at 350W with a lengthy cord at 3 meters.
The car vacuum cleaner
The car vacuum cleaner

Up next is the Cherry Car Vacuum Cleaner Prime. This one is for travel use so you can have a handy tool whenever you need to clean the seats or corners of your car. The brand also said that it can be used in the office and at home while the foldable design allows its users to store them easily on bags or car's back compartment

It works wirelessly and the suction power is toned down by half at 5,000Pa but the weight is significantly reduced as well at 354 grams only.

The device also has a huge 4,000mAh battery capacity and charges using a USB-C, 5V/2A adaptor. Cherry says that charging time takes around 3 hours while it can work for 20-25 minutes but will vary depending on usage.

Price and availability

Cherry Dust Mite UV Vacuum - PHP 2,490
Cherry Car Vacuum Cleaner Prime - PHP 1,599

You can now avail of these two devices at the Cherry Shop.

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