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Globe showcases the potential of latest 5G technology via Live Demo

Globe successfully tested its 5G Standalone technology in various applications. This shows the tech's potential to transform business in PH.
Globe showcases the potential of latest 5G technology via Live Demo
A VR booth is part of the 5G Innovations Live Demo Day

Globe's 5G Standalone Live Demo touted as success!

This is to showcase what 5G Standalone can do!
This is to showcase what 5G Standalone can do!

Faster download and upload rates, improved connectivity, and support for cutting-edge technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, and augmented reality are just a few of the many advantages that 5G Standalone offers.

In contrast to 5G Non-Standalone, which continues to utilize the 4G/LTE network, 5G Standalone only relies on 5G connectivity.

In a recent demonstration, Globe demonstrated how 5G Standalone with end-to-end network slicing, which divides the network into different channels, performed effectively for cloud gaming, a virtual reality lab, video conferencing, video surveillance and analytics, and remote support.

In cloud gaming, a game is stored or hosted and streamed to a device. The virtual reality lab provides an immersive experience that allows users to be in both the real and virtual worlds simultaneously.

On the other hand, live video calls can be recorded, transported, and presented utilizing ultra-high definition resolution using video conferencing over 5G Standalone.

Video surveillance analytics, meanwhile, makes use of the already-existing infrastructure for video monitoring to increase security, automate access management, and gather information on consumer behavior.

Finally, employing augmented reality technology, remote support enables companies to interact and offer help in real-time across many places.

Network slicing is another feature that 5G Standalone brings. It enables the network to virtually split into various logical networks that operate on top of a common physical network architecture. It enables Globe to allocate resources to particular "slices" of the network to guarantee the effectiveness, dependability, and quality of particular services or use cases.

Four network slices were set up end to end with the specialized quality of service and bandwidth allotment for the testing by Globe. The configured bandwidth was also tested and validated, with speed test results of up to 200 Mbps for downloads and 100 Mbps for uploads on one particular slice.

Globe's dedication to fostering innovation and offering its clients new and improved services is highlighted by the successful demonstration of 5G Standalone with network slicing. The technology also creates new economic opportunities for organizations in a variety of sectors by enabling Globe to deliver goods and services that are customized to meet particular needs.

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