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Meta announces changes to promote age-appropriate ad experiences for teens!

Meta is looking to further improve the user experience of its teenage users with improvements to provide age-appropriate ads.
Meta announces changes to promote age-appropriate ad experiences for teens
Meta improves ad experiences for teens

Meta continues to create age-appropriate ad experiences for teens

Advertisers will only use age and location to target ads for teens
Advertisers will only use age and location to target ads for teens

Meta is continuing to make changes to its ad experiences as part of its ongoing efforts to maintain its apps suitable for teenage users. Meta understands that, especially when it comes to displaying them with things they can buy, teenagers may need more preparation to make choices about how their online data is used for advertising. Because of this, the firm is further limiting both the methods through which advertisers can connect with teenagers and the information that is used to target them with advertisements.

Meta is adding new teen-specific options and tools to help them understand how ads work and the reasons why they see certain ads on Meta's apps. These modifications are the result of research, direct input from parents and child development specialists, UN principles for children's rights, and international law.

The changes Meta is implementing include removing advertisers' ability to target teens with ads according to their interests and activities. In addition, gender will also be removed as an option for advertisers to reach teens. In addition, engagement information (i.e. posts and pages they follow), won't be used to affect the ads they see.

Age and location will be the only information Meta can use to target ads for teens. These parameters will make sure that Meta only shows age-appropriate ads.

Ad Topic Controls, which complement the current options, will give teens new methods to choose the kinds of advertisements they see on Facebook and Instagram beginning in March. Teens will have a further choice over the advertisements they see by going to their Ad Preferences inside the Settings section of both applications and selecting See Less or No Preference.

Teenagers can still opt to hide some or all of the adverts from a particular advertiser. Teenagers won't be able to select to opt into content that might not be age-appropriate because the themes that were already restricted in Meta's standards will be set to "See Less."

Meta also added a new privacy page with more information for teens about the tools and privacy settings they can use across different apps.

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