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ViewSonic revealed VG56V Series Monitors w/ up to 2K resolution, Pop-up Webcams!

ViewSonic announced two monitors featuring high-resolution displays with pop-up webcams.
ViewSonic revealed VG56V Series Monitors w/ up to 2K resolution, Pop-up Webcams!
The two screen models

ViewSonic VG56V Series monitors launched!

We've first seen the pop-up camera concept in the smartphones like OPPO and Xiaomi but the idea was discontinued soon enough as it requires a complex mechanism and tiny machinery to operate.
The features
The features

Meanwhile, ViewSonic used that idea to Monitors instead and even claimed they play a significant if not innovative feature for bigger screen devices.

So the new feature uses fill-light LEDs on either side which has the ability to change the color temperature while the whole docking camera can rotate by up to 5 degrees Omni-direction. This may also answer most streamers or bloggers or any webcam users' concerns about lighting and angle issue. Having a pop-up mechanism also can allow users to have privacy as they can simply put them down when not in use.
The 24-inch model
The 24-inch model

Moving forward, the monitors come in 24-inch (VG246V) w/ 1080p resolution and 27-inch w/ 2K resolution (VG2756V). While their popup cameras have 2MP and 5MP respectively.
The 27-inch model
The 27-inch model

Both also have 2-way microphones which the brand claims have "industry-leading audio focus capable of eliminating background noise" from either end of a conference link.

The two variants come with a stand that can pivot, tilt, and swivel, and a height-adjustable stand with a substantial handle there's also a 100 x 100 VESA slot if you want to mount them.

For ports, they have HDMI 1.4 and DisplayPort (input only) while also both have a wide range of ports for "full connectivity" like the 1 90W USB-C connection and RJ-45 socket for gigabit Ethernet.

US price with direct-to-PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

ViewSonic 24" VG246V - USD 358.99
ViewSonic 27" VG2756V-2K - USD 480.99

Both monitors are now available in the US ViewSonic online shop. Although the bigger model is much cheaper at Amazon for USD 459.99

No word yet for PH availability though. We will update you once it's here.

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