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Lenovo's Legion gaming phone line is dead: Here's what you need to know

Through its Legion phone line, Lenovo makes some of the most innovative gaming smartphones in the market. However, nothing lasts forever.
Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone Duel file photo
Lenovo will no longer be making gaming phones

End of the Legion gaming phone line

Via Android Authority, Lenovo today confirmed rumors that the company will no longer be making gaming phones. In short, its gaming phone business is dead.

This is the statement of the company,

Lenovo is discontinuing its Android-based Legion mobile gaming phones as part of a wider business transformation and gaming portfolio consolidation. As a leader in gaming devices and solutions, Lenovo is committed to advancing the gaming category across form factors, as well as focusing on where it can bring the most value to the global gaming community.

To remove sugarcoating what Lenovo meant is gaming phones are not that profitable for the company, the likely real reason why they are shutting down the business.

To recap, Lenovo first launched its first truly gaming-focused phone called the Legion Phone Duel in 2020 with two cooling fans, two USB ports, and beastly specs to handle a lot of games at that time. The last Legion gaming phone we've heard about is the Legion Y70 in August 2022. 

Lenovo's exit from the gaming phone market leaves us with fewer brands to choose from. Some of the still-standing gaming phone brands are the ASUS ROG Phone, Black Shark, and REDMAGIC.

There is no word yet on how will this affect its current user base.

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