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LG Electronics’ production of Inverter Direct Drive surpasses 100M units

South Korea's LG Electronics said that the production of its Inverter Direct Drive (DD) motor has already breached the 100 million mark.
A Key Component of Premium LG Washing Machines for More than Two Decades, the Company’s Innovative Motor Technology Continues to Evolve for Excellence

LG Electronics hitting a new milestone!

Given the motor technology's reliable performance, the company said it kept its global dominance as a provider of laundry solutions.

For more than two decades, LG Electronics said the group had produced more than 12,000 Inverter DD motors each day.

The number of Inverter DD motors produced points to the excellence of the motor technology LG has developed for its premium laundry solutions, Kim Yang-sun, head of the Component Solution Business Unit at LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company.

According to the firm, washing machines equipped with the said motor technology are "more durable” and have “dramatically reduced noise and energy consumption during operation."

So far, LG Electronics has over 240 Inverter DD motor-related technology patents. To further improve the solution, it tapped artificial intelligence to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness.

We will continue to create highly efficient core components that boost the performance and reliability of our products while also reducing carbon emissions during operation, Yang-sun said.

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