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Report: TCL is now the world's 2nd largest TV brand

TCL was named the "Global Top 2 TV Brand," according to a report.
TCL number 2

TCL is among the best TV brands in 2022

TCL said it landed the spot citing OMDIA’s Global TV sets report 2022.

OMDIA is a technology research and advisory group.

The electronics company said OMDIA's data "also suggests that TCL large-size TVs have received significant growing momentum over the past year and remained No.1 in the global 98-inch TV market share," the company added.

Earlier, the company also won two CES 2023 Innovation Awards for its TCL Mini LED 4K TV C935 and C835.

For 2023, TCL said its new Mini LED Series will be available in XL screen sizes.

TCL reminded its customers to stay tuned as the 2023 Mini LED and QLED TV series will soon be available globally.

What do you think about this? Will TCL be number 1 brand soon?

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