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LG showcased its OLED TVs at the Art Fair Philippines 2023

LG Electronics OLED TV products were used during the Art Fair Philippines 2023.
LG showcased its OLED TVs in the Art Fair Philippines 2023
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LG showcased its OLED TVs at the Art Fair Philippines 2023!

The said Art Fair is an annual event for various artists to display their creativity. In which they showed different styles and mediums for artwork.
LG showcased its OLED TVs at the Art Fair Philippines 2023
Arts presented using OLED TVs

This year, a new division focusing on digital media was added, which includes work that combines and engages with computer technology, animation, virtual or augmented reality, the metaverse, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Among the featured artists were Mark Inducil and Skye Nicolas, whose distinct approach to art piqued the interest of many visitors.
More artworks displayed
More artworks displayed

The two named artists used LG TVs as their canvas, which according to the brand made them stand out when creating their unique pieces on the sleek and modern design of LG TVs.

Mark Inducil is a multimedia artist that creates surrealistic and dreamlike portraits and landscapes that are richly textured and saturated with deep, brilliant colors. Inducil displayed what he calls "Homecoming" a series that portrays his own mind, a visual embodiment of his personal experiences and trauma.
More LG TVs

Meanwhile, Skye Nicolas presented pieces from his Walkman Series, a tribute to music's vigor, and a strong perspective on a particular era of youth culture. Skye Nicolas, on the other hand, displayed pieces from his Walkman Series, a tribute to music's energy, and a strong perspective on the teenage culture of a certain era. Nicolas' paintings are greatly influenced by nostalgia, belonging, adventures, and experiments with pop culture. They send data from the artist to the receiver: a growing garden of emotions, memories, and creative purpose.

While the use of tech in art is not new, but the way Inducil and Nicolas incorporated their work with LG TVs was innovative and refreshing, according to LG's claims.

The two were able to produce something visually appealing and intellectually stimulating by using a modern and useful device like TVs. Based on LG's statements, their TV products are rapidly becoming the canvas of choice for displaying digital artworks due to having features like stunning displays and innovation. 
Inside the Art Fair PH 2023
Inside the Art Fair PH 2023

The TVs also feature A9 Gen 5 AI processor which is responsible for enhancing objects in the foreground and background adding natural depth, and realistic and clear colors. LG says the self-lit pixels provide the deepest blacks for clear contrast in all lighting conditions since there is no backlight to lessen their impact. Visuals are more complete, allowing you to notice tiny details that your eyes would otherwise overlook. 

LG also talked about the Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro which enhances the picture quality further. Previously they said that it only elevated frames but the approach now focuses on 5,000 blocks across the screen for more vibrant HDR down to the smallest detail. The design is also an integral part, with small bezels viewers can easily get immersed in the image with less distraction from the vision while the ultra-slim design seamlessly fits either your house or gallery.

The electronics maker said that the display of Inducil and Nicolas' works at the Art Fair is a testament to the endless possibility of art. It showed that art can be made with any type of medium or platform and that technology can aid in enhancing the creative process. 

As technology continues to grow, there will be more artists capable of exploring new and exciting ways to create a price that engages and inspires, LG says.

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