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HUAWEI says its P60 Series and Mate X3 are top sellers in China!

HUAWEI announced that their flagship smartphones are top selling in China at the Mobile Innovation Technology Media Communication Conference.
HUAWEI says its P60 Series and Mate X3 are top sellers in China!
The announcement at the conference.

HUAWEI P60 Series and Mate X3 are top sellers in China!

Despite the fact that these smartphone arent equipped with 5G and are limited to 4G only, they manage to outsell other brands in their home roots. HUAWEI CBG CTO Bruce Lee announced during the conference that these premium phones are performing well in terms of sales.
In particular, the HUAWEI Mate X3 is the top seller in that country. While the P60 Series gets the rank 1 spot in sales for the category of CNY 4000 to 6000 (around PHP 31-47K).
Based on counterpoint research, the Chinese conglomerate's shipments in China went up by 41 percent against the trend while the market share shoot up to 9.2 percent. Making them the only brand with substantial growth in the Chinese smartphone market.

Meanwhile, an industry analyst suspected that this is caused by consumers' long-term trust in the HUAWEI brand. Furthermore, it also includes consumers' recognition of the brand's product development for 10 years.

The HUAWEI Central also reported that the brand launched its first smartphone technologies before other phone makers such as the first satellite communication in the Mate 50 Series, Kunlun Glass and XMAGE camera tech, and P60 Series' new quad-curved LTPO screen, 2-way satellites, and ultra-lighting camera sensors.

It continued that, despite the shortcomings of HUAWEI smartphones, customers are still waiting for the brand to launch new products before they replace current models. Thus, HUAWEI continues to sell in its domestic market.

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