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iPhone 15 Series: What to expect from Apple's next flagship smartphones?

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman shares what he claims we can expect from the upcoming Apple iPhone 15 series this coming September.
iPhone 15 Series: What to expect from Apple's next flagship smartphones?
File photo: iPhone 13 Pro

Gurman: Major Design Changes, Including Titanium Body and USB-C Port

Through his weekly Power On newsletter, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman says that Apple Inc. designers have long dreamed of a true all-screen iPhone with no borders around the display with no cutouts for cameras or sensors. This fall, Apple may take a closer step toward the said goal.

Mark Gurman has made a career of reporting Apple rumors over the years with an 86.5 percent accuracy and has been dubbed the greatest Apple leaker of all time according to the AppleTrack website.

Gurman says that Apple could use a low-injection pressure over-moulding process to produce an iPhone with an even slimmer 1.5-millimeter bezel from the current 2.2-millimeters. LIPO was first used in the Apple Watch Series 7 which made the device's borders even thinner while increasing the size of the display. This could eventually be brought to iPads as well.

The Bloomberg reporter also claims that the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus would allegedly look similar to the current models but add significant camera improvements while gaining the upcoming A16 chip and a new USB-C port (over the previous lightning port).

Besides the new display technology, Gurman says the device will gain the following:

1. New design made of the stronger and lighter titanium away from the fingerprint-prone stainless steel frame.
2. The edges connecting the front and the side will have reduced sharpness than the current model.
3. The internals of the iPhone 15 Pro will be redesigned similar to how the iPhone 14's aluminum chassis was revamped to make it easier to repair.
4. The iPhone 15 series will be moving to USB-C which enables faster data transfer speeds.
5. Major rear camera upgrades with upgraded lenses and the ability to get a wider range of optical zoom on the largest model.
6. With the addition of the upcoming A16 processor, the new Pro phones are moving to a 3-nanometer chip which should offer faster and more battery-efficient performance.

Gurman adds that Apple had intended to add touch-sensitive buttons with haptic feedback for the volume controls, mute/ring slider, and the power button but had to cancel because of a 'slew of engineering problems.' In the end, the company designed to keep the standard buttons for the volume and power buttons but turn the mute/ring slider into a so-called software customizable Action button like on the Apple Watch.

Developer Steve Moser corroborated this with his discovery of the code in iOS 17 that hints at the possible options for the Action button. The options include: Mute switch, Focus Mode (like Do Not Disturb), launch Camera, turning on/off the flashlight, or opening for accessibility or text translation.

Lastly, Gurman touched on the possible price increase. He said that all four models out of the US could see a minor price increase. It was also possible to see a price increase in the US given that the Pro models are moving to a titanium body with a more expensive camera system.

Take this information with a grain of salt as until Apple makes an official announcement, what is written above could still change.

Are you excited for the next iPhone?

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