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NTC: No more extension for SIM registration; all unregistered SIMs deactivated by July 31

With the end of the SIM registration on July 25, the NTC maintained that this will no longer be extended again.
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Unregistered SIMs deactivated by end-July

The National Telecommunications Commission has reiterated in a statement that the deadline for SIM registration will no longer be extended.

Prior to moving the last day of registration to July 25, the original deadline was April 26 after the listing process started in December. The move was to allow the millions who have yet to comply with the SIM Registration Act to do so.

Failure to register SIMs by 11:59PM (i.e., Philippine Standard Time) of July 25 will result in the deactivation of telecommunication and mobile data services including social media access, except for the purpose of having these unregistered SIMs reactivated, but only up to July 30, NTC noted.

Users with unregistered SIM will also lose access to online banking and other online financial transactions.

By July 31, all unregistered SIMs will be permanently deactivated and can no longer be reactivated/registered, NTC said.

The NTC's registration count as of July 24 was at 105.9 million. It said that this represents 63 percent of the total number of reported active SIM subscribers as of December 2022.

This number is within the government's registration target of between 100 million to 110 million come the deadline, especially considering the report from the public telecommunication entities that almost all of their SIMs with active users have already registered.

Of those who registered, 50 million are from Smart, 48.4 million from Globe, and 7.5 million from DITO.

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