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Epson launches new mobile point-of-sale printers

Epson, one of the world's largest manufacturers of printers, has added two additions to its point-of-sale receipt printer line-up for businesses' various needs.
Epson launches new mobile point-of-sale printers
New Epson printers

New POS printers from Epson

The company said the new Epson TM-P20II and TM-P80II have enhanced product features to deliver better operational agility. 

Designed to have a small and light footprint, Epson said the new units can be easily carried around using shoulder or belt straps, perfect for operations such as distribution, logistics, and utility. The printers are equipped with a flip cover, enabling quick and easy replacement of empty paper rolls. An LED light indicator panel can also be found at the top of the printer, enabling users the ability to quickly observe and resolve printer functionality issues.

Epson also touted that the new TM-P20II and TM-P80II can withstand "harsh conditions" and accidental damage given their materials. 

Users can also expect that the units can be used for long operating hours as they come with rechargeable batteries that have long battery life. The TM-

P80II Wi-Fi model offers up to 25 hours of battery life, while the Bluetooth model offers up to 47 hours. On the other hand, the TM-P20II Wi-Fi model offers up to 15 hours of battery life when power-saving mode is activated, while the Bluetooth model offers up to 27 hours of use.

The new Epson TM-P20II and TM-P80II printers are designed with portability and ergonomics in mind, allowing operators the flexibility to comfortably wear them as they go about their day-to-day activities. Furthermore, the demanding nature of POS environments also call for durable receipt printers. We believe our new POS printers offer a new level of durability and versatility to survive in the toughest environments, said Eduardo Bonoan, Marketing Division Head at Epson Philippines.

To inquire about these models, visit the website of Epson Philippines.

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