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Counter Strike 2 is now available to play in PH via Steam for FREE!

Following its limited test last March, the highly acclaimed shooting game franchise Counter Strike 2 is now available for FREE at Steam.
Counter Strike 2 is now available on Steam for FREE!
The new CS logo

Counter-Strike 2 is now available to play in PH!

The said game is a FREE upgrade from the CS: GO which was well received throughout the decade.

Now the 2nd generation of the game can be played by everyone. It comes with improved maps of the Counter-Strike franchise and matchmaking modes while the franchise also reveals the Premier mode for competitive rank games.
A team of five!
A team of five!

For those who have played the CS: GO all your progress and cosmetics will transfer over the CS2 which means you won't lose anything you paid for.
The new smoke physics
The new smoke physics

One of the notable changes would be the grenade physics which fills the spaces and can be dispersed by HE grenades which is presumed to become a critical strategy in top-level play.

Right now it has a minimum requirement of an Intel 7th-Gen Core i5 processor (or higher), 8GB RAM, and at least GTX1060 or better. For those who want the best possible graphics, you should have Intel Core i9 9th gen and RTX 2070 or higher.

Here are the top features of Counter-Strike 2:

  • All-new CS Ratings with the updated Premier mode
  • Global and Regional leaderboards
  • Upgraded and overhauled maps
  • Game-changing dynamic smoke grenades
  • Tick-rate-independent gameplay
  • Redesigned visual effects and audio
  • All items from CS: GO moving forward to CS2

You may proceed to the Steam store to try the game.

What do you guys think?

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