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Study: Average Pinoy needs almost 80 working days to buy iPhone 15 Pro


An analysis revealed that an average Filipino needs almost 80 working days to be able to purchase the latest iPhone.
Apple iPhone 15 Pro, Pro Max announced
iPhone 15 Pro (Photo from the Apple website)

PH iPhone Index declining

Data for iPhone 15 Pro (128GB)
Data for iPhone 15 Pro (128GB)

According to an analysis by Picodi Philippines, an average Filipino will need to work for 79.5 days in order to buy the iPhone 15 Pro (128GB).

This assumed that the average monthly wage in the country is PHP 18,744.39 and the cost of the device is PHP 70,990.

Based on Picodi's rankings on its latest iPhone index, the Philippines landed the second spot for the most number of working days needed to purchase the gadget.

Despite the high ranking, Picodi noted that the number of working days actually decreased by 11.4 days.

Here is the trend in the last six years:

2018 - 156.6 days
2019 - 96.2 days
2020 - 88.2 days
2021 - 90.2 days
2022 - 90.9 days
2023 - 79.5 days

Turkey was the worst with 123.7 working days in order to buy the said device. On the other hand, Switzerland logged the lowest number of days with 4.2 days followed by the US with 5.3 days, and Australia with 6.3 days.

Apple launched iPhone 15 early Wednesday (PH time). The new line still features the same variants the basic iPhone 15, an iPhone 15 Plus, an iPhone 15 Pro, and an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

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Source: Picodi

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