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#ICYMI: HATASU ebikes are now available in PH, promo price starts at PHP 16,990!

In case you missed it, there is a new fast-growing ebike brand in the Philippines—HATASU.

Eco-friendly HATASU ebikes arrive in the Philippines

HATASU claims to be the mobility solution brand that aims to provide safe, value-for-money, and sustainable products that meet the daily riding needs of Filipinos.
HATASU stats in PH
HATASU stats in PH

As of writing, HATASU is now available in more than 500 stores nationwide (Concept and Multi-branded Stores) with 9 concept stores (Zamboanga, Isabella, Nueva Ecija, Bohol, Cebu, Quezon), 30 trusted partners, and 6 financial partners.

In less than a year (10 months), the company said that they now have a user base of over 10,000 users.

The brand now has a warehouse in Luzon, two (2) additional warehouse facilities in Cebu and Davao, and over a thousand workforce deployed nationwide.

In 2024, the company plans to add 100+ Concept Stores. HATASU has also collaborated with its dealers to build Accredited Service Centers so users can easily have their units checked.

HATASU also has its own R&D department which spends time looking at what the customers want and developing products based on that. The final assembly of the units is also done here in the Philippines and they have a QA team to ensure that they're 100 percent working before dispatching to dealers nationwide.

Apart from the Philippines, the brand is now registered in five (5) other countries including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

We are truly honoured to have received such warm welcome from our media partners and of course from our Hatasukis (HATASU ebike owners and fans) who gave their trust and support for us to achieve the milestones we have despite being a young brand. We are excited to see HATASU ebike grow in the local market and we cannot wait to expand our line-up of products to provide the best riding experience for all Filipinos, says Austine Huang, Chief Marketing Officer.

Our ultimate goal for HATASU is not to simply sell ebikes, we want HATASU to become a symbol of progress and sustainability, a driving force in the electric mobility landscape whilst ensuring accessibility to everyone, Austine added

At the moment, the brand has 5 models in the country. HATASU claims that these units cost only as low as PHP 20 to charge for a full cycle of up to 8 hours.

1. KUMI 2023 - At PHP 18,990  (PHP 16,990 promo price), the KUMI 2023 is a cost-efficient two-wheeler ebike for students, young professionals, and office workers in need of a short-range travel companion.

It boasts a 350W Dynamo Motor, 25kph max speed, 48/17+1A Smart Brushless Controller, Hydraulic Shock (front), load capacity of 110kg, and a 48V 20AH Lead-Acid Battery with 40 to 50kms range.

2. NERO - At PHP 27,990 (PHP 26,990 promo price), the two-wheeler NERO features a stronger 400W Dynamo Motor, 25kph max speed, DC48V Current 22+1A Controller, Hydraulic Shock (front), load capacity of 110kg, and a 48V 20AH Lead-Acid Battery with 40 to 50kms range.

3. HARU - At PHP 44,990 (PHP 35,990 promo price), the HARU is a three-wheeler compact electric bicycle with a 500W Differential Motor, 25kph max speed, 48/60V30+AH Controller, Telescopic Fork (front), load capacity of 180kgs, and a 48V 20AH Lead-Acid Battery with 40 to 50kms range.

4. MAKO 2 - At PHP 65,990 (PHP 58,990 promo price), the MAKO 2 is a three-wheel ebike with an additional backside and a roof for extra comfort. It also has a brighter LED Headlight, Stainless Front Fender, Larger Wheels, Stainless Steel Long Handle Bar, Motorcycle Suspension Fork, and up to 20kg storage capacity.

The device features an 800W Differential Motor with a speed of 29 to 35kph, 48/60V 35+1A Direct Current Controller, Motorcycle Suspension Fork, load capacity of 250kg, and 48V 32AH Lead-Acid Battery with 60 to 70kms range.

Note: They also have the regular MAKO, but it is not listed on their Lazada page anymore.

Price and availability

HATASU KUMI 2023 w/ FREE Helmet - PHP 18,990 (PHP 16,990 promo price) 
HATASU NERO w/ FREE Helmet - PHP 27,990 (PHP 26,990 promo price)
HATASU HARU - PHP 44,990 (PHP 35,990 promo price)

The brand said that a 6th model is also coming soon. But, there is no info about it yet.

Apart from its list of Authorized Dealer Stores nationwide, HATASU ebikes are also available at its official LazMall Store here.

What do you guys think?

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