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AP. Bren wins M5 World Championship: first MPL franchise to acheive two M-series titles!

AP. Bren extends the PH dynasty by besting Onic Indonesia in a nerve-wracking 7-game championship series in Rizal Memorial Coliseum, Manila.
AP. Bren wins M5 World Championship: first MPL franchise to acheive two M-series titles
The championship banner, Photo from Mobile Legends Esports

AP. Bren wins the M5 World Championship!

There is much history that was written last night. First is that the Bren was the only MPL franchise to win 2 world titles upon winning the M2 last 2021

Second is that no host country has ever won an M-series and yet they defied the odds. Third this show match was the first 7-game series in 2 years providing a thrilling sensation to the fans. Fourth is that this will be the 4th straight world title for the Philippines continuing its dominating era.

Another highlight would be two-time world title holders such as David "FlapTzy" Canon for EXP lane position and Angelo "Pheww" Arcangel joining their previous teammate now ECHO PH "KarlTzy" with the same feat.
The winning moment
The winning moment

Going back to the games, both AP. Bren and ONIC ID were the clear favorites for the grand finals showdown by securing almost the same score in the group stage and playoffs.

When they met in the finals, AP. Bren had the upper hand in the first game with a quick finish and a score of 7-1. Onic ID bounced back in game number 2 by doing that miraculous setup from Ruby wiping out the rest of Bren ending the match with 14-13.

For games number 3 and 4, Bren continued its win streak making sure to dominate the early stages and never let its opponents find an opportunity to come back. Both matches finished with 14-8 and 11-1, respectively.

For games number 5 and 6, Onic stays calm and composed despite facing a match point situation. Its members CW and Sanz try to explode by performing multiple outplays finding the right time for a wipeout eventually securing a score of 19-18 and 20-11, respectively.

As for the final match game number 7, it was a do-or-die for both teams. However, Bren prepared a classic out draft by securing multiple control and sustain heroes and a perfect layering of protection on its gold lane hero "Brody". At the 13-minute mark, Onic Indonesia's PH import "Kairi" tried for a check bush only to meet his demise against multiple members of Bren. His teammates tried to rally for him but they collapsed and most of them were out of position for a clash. Bren capitalized on this error and secured the game immediately with a score of 10-7.
Flap rejoices as he wins the MVP
Flap rejoices as he wins the MVP

Meanwhile, David "Flaptzy" Canon was rewarded as the Grand Finals MVP for his valiant efforts of doing aggressive setups throughout the series.

The remaining members were part of AP. Bren's rebuild programs such as Michael "KyleTzy" Sayson (Jungler),  Marco "Super Marco" Requitiano (Gold lane), and Rowgien "Owgwen" Unigo (Roamer). These members are first-time world champions. The sixth man is known as Pando while the team is headed by Coach Duckey and Vren.

Meanwhile, the team has managed to bag a USD 300,000 (around PHP 16.7M) prize pool from the tournament's total prize of USD 900,000 (around PHP 50M).
The new M5 viewership record
The new M5 viewership record

The whole M5 series also has broken records in terms of viewership with 5,067,208 watchers based on Esports Charts surpassing M4's records.

Lastly, this isn't only the achievement of AP. Bren this year, previously they also won the Gold Medal match in the SEA Games 2023 and IESF Worlds 2023.

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